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I knew I had to have one the first time i saw it…The Intimidator. I won’t even have to shoot an intruder in my house. All they have to do is see the thing and they will go running. No mess to clean up that way…except for the pee trail leading out the door.

Adam Wilson

I am not a hunter but wanted to purchase a tactical shotgun for home defense purposes. I spoke to Shotgun Blasters about his custom made shotguns and loved the quality of his workmanship. I selected the ‘Intimidator’ for my needs. Needless to say, it was everything I wanted and more and a beauty to look at. If circumstances are warranted, I definetely feel like I have a weapon I can count on. Thanks Shotgun Blasters!

Bryan B.

Prompt-Efficient-Professional. I could not ask for a better weapon – work was excellent. Now i am the envy of all my gun buddies. You are going to get more orders now for sure. Thank you!

Joe Edwards

Simply FREAKING AWESOME!!!. Thanks dude!

Robbie D

I am so pleased with my purchase. I got the Sabertooth and I must say it is the talk of the town. What a great imagination. I have never seen anything like this before. It looks like it should be in a Zombie movie. I can cycle a round with that front foregrip faster than you can pull the trigger twice on a semi. Man this thing is sweet!


You exceeded my expectations. This shotgun is beyond words. Magician you are

M.C. Carter

If you want to own the Baddest shotgun around, there’s only one choice!! I recommend having Shotgun Blasters build it!! They are the premier builder of custom shotguns in DFW and the World… Their guns kick ass….The first time I saw the ‘Sabertooth’ I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I knew I had to have one. The ‘Sabertooth’ is an absolute work of art! Totally stunning. By far it’s the best shotgun I’ve ever owned! And I will enjoy it forever…Thanks Shotgun Blasters for their vision, and all the hard work you have put into it. You’re the best!

Doug K.

Take a plain shotgun and turn it into a work of art – that is what Shotgun Blasters does. Total jaw drop when I picked up my Saiga 12 shotgun. Also customer service is way above industry standards. Great communication honesty and trust is what I experienced. Very pleased. Looking forward to many more projects.

Martin S.

I was at a gun show in search of a new tactical shotgun to replace an older model. I came upon Shotgun Blasters booth and started explaining to him what I wanted, well it was only a short moment I knew this guy had a vast knowledge of guns. Shotgun Blasters not only put everything I wanted into a gun but offered some great options that I added as well. Shotgun Blasters also have exceeded beyond any resaonable expectation a level of customer service that can’t be found in todays time.

Mike, 3-on-8 Reloading Supplies

I picked up my ZK 1000 from Shotgun Blasters last night, and couldn’t be more pleased. The whole sales process from the first email to the completion of the sale was flawless. The shotgun really is an over the top badass weapon that looks more like art than funtion, but is both. Everyone I’ve shown the weapon to can’t believe the transfomation, and the look that the gun has. Anyone that isn’t sure what to get their loved one for whatever the occasion, this is it! Thanks again Shotgun Blasters for a weapon that I’ll be showing off for years to come. The bad part is that I already want another!

Phil T., Denton TX

I first saw Shotgun Blasters work at a local gun show. I knew that instant that I NEEDED to have my shotgun customized. I chose the ‘Intimidator’ and I was not disappointed. If you are looking to customize your shotgun, you definitely need to give Shotgun Blasters a call.

Pete P.

Absolutly the best gun in my collection. I have it displayed on my mantle. It’s not jus a firearm…it’s a work of art. Excellent craftsmanship. I own The Intimidator and I must say it is totally BAD ASS!

TJ Thomas